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First, celebrate the fact that you have a book idea you're excited enough to pursue. Congratulations!

Second, everything you're experiencing, we've either experienced ourselves as writers or have helped others to overcome in order to be successful. As your writers' champions, we take care of both you and your writing. We're with you from launch to landing, from concept to contract to concentrated marking campaign. Your unique readers, the ones who most need to hear your message, are waiting for your book. So let's get crackin'. 

White Papers

Making Time to Write

If you just read those words and felt a subtle (or not-so-subtle) tremor of apprehension, take a deep breath: you are not alone. Here are some strategies you can use to keep your writing moving forward.

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Recent Testimonials

Congratulations, Randy Spelling

Edit Prose is pleased to announce the publication of Unlimiting You by Randy Spelling, life coach, former actor and son of esteemed Hollywood producer Aaron Spelling. Randy has published in a groundbreaking new genre: spiritual self-help memoir. Our team loved every minute of coaching Randy to develop his structure and were proud to edit his first draft. We are now providing social media marketing.

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Get Started

With Your Team of Writers' Champions

Our holistic process is safe and intuitive, yet structured and challenging. We promise to take you from the starting gate to the finish line, wherever that may be for you.

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